Avoid cheap fabric wall planters for serious vertical gardening

Avoid cheap fabric wall planters for serious vertical gardening

Cheap fabric wall planters are a poor long term vertical garden solution. They are likely to offer only one growing season and are a waste of resources. Water is unlikely to be conserved, plants are more likely to die and new containers will need to be sort the following year.

Vertical gardening can be demanding for a plant and its container. You are asking the plant to be suspended mid air, create food and hopefully not cause structural damage to your house or fences.

Who wants to see biodegrading material with a plant ball half suspended from the wall?

Cheap materials can not withstand constant dry and wet periods and eventually the living wall will look, at the very least, shabby. At the very worst a living wall may collapse and injure a small child.

Vertical Garden Online is a fan of the Wally Pocket by Woolly Pockets and is explained in our review of vertical garden products.

There are loads of Wally Pockets by Woolly Pocket copy cat designs coming out of China. All we have seen are poor substitutes. These products are sold on eBay, Amazon and a range of internet businesses. We have seen liners in the pockets made out of garbage bags! We were  able to make holes in the liners within 2 secs of opening the package. We are rather taken back that these suppliers have managed to convince UK and US retailers to hold the stock of such inferior products.

ripped plastic lining for vertical planters
Liners ripped with a fingernail!

The plant pockets are simply the wrong shape and size. The space available for a plant’s root ball is too small – which leads to an increase in a plant’s water requirements – or the pocket will never hold the plant, its soil and the water securely. A mess.