Best 5 Plants for a Vertical Garden: Outdoor Sunny Location

Best 5 Plants for a Vertical Garden: Outdoor Sunny Location

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The best vertical garden plants we have used (in Melbourne Australia) for sunny outdoor locations are largely succulents. We have trialed plants over three years to bring you our top 5 performing vertical garden plants for an outdoor sunny location.

You can treat most of these plants with very little regard. We have found each plant will continue to look showy throughout the seasons. Most of these plants require full sun however will tolerate a minimum of 4 hours a day.

All the plants listed are suitable for a west and north facing wall in the southern hemisphere. The plants will grow on an east face but will be less abundant.  These plants are not suitable for a south facing wall as there is not direct sunlight.

All of these plants listed have been grown in either Wally Pockets,  or   Wall Garden    or GroVert.

Best 5 Plants for a Sunny Vertical Garden


agave vertical garden plant
Agave attenuata. Hardy as old boots and can get quite large. The plant sends out tiny pups which is great for a continual supply of plants. A tiny pup can grow to fill 1/3 to 1/2 of a Wally Pocket quite nicely in 24 months.












 2. Crassula Species

crassula ovata vertical garden
Crassula ovatum is the jade plant. There are plenty of other Crassula species suitable for vertical garden growing as well. The species has many interesting and surreal forms and shapes. Again hardy plant. It can be grown from a cutting with ease. Literally grab a stem and stick in the soil. Watch. It will grow. The plant can create fabulous sculptures with its unusual leaf margins and pretty red ink margins.














3. Echeveria Species

echevaria vertical garden
Echevaria species has a wide range of rosettes that range in size from 2cm to 50cm in diameter. The larger rosettes are more suitable for a vertical garden built using wally pockets or wall garden. The smaller Echevaria’s allow too much of the wall garden and woolly pocket vertical garden structure to be visible. Gro Vert is a better system to use for these smaller  plants. The species tends to flower in the warmer months with colours ranging from white to orange to pink to red. Very colourful.













4. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe vertical garden
A relatively large growing succulent that can create a fabulous upright structure in a vertical garden. This plant can successfully screen half to a whole woolly pocket in 12 months providing it is growing in full sun. A sculptural hardy plant that can create a definite underwater coral effect.











 5. Senecio rowleyanus

string of pearls vertical garden
Senecio rowleyanus also known as String of Pearls is a fantastic plant to create coverage of the vertical garden. Long beautiful trails of succulent beads. The only problem is the plant almost breaks if you look at it. The plant needs kid glove treatment when installing. Once planted do not move otherwise you risk loosing the long beads. Once installed the plant is worth every cent. It hugs the vertical garden and creates a beautiful trail of beaded tendrils. This plant is reported to present problems in the USA with mealy bugs. We have had no problems with our String of Pearls.