Bristol University Living Wall new science building

Bristol University Living Wall new science building

Bristol Uni now has a living wall with bat roosts. At a height of 41 feet high and after five years in construction we are rather chuffed that another UK university has taken the plunge to experiment with vertical gardening and habitat creation.

The new living wall can be found at the Biological Sciences building at the top of St Michael’s Hill.



eleven different species of plant, including the Japanese shield fern, as well as bat and bird boxes have been incorporated into the wall to help nectar-producing plants growing up it.

The philosophical drive for the green wall is best explained by the university itself

“The amazing green wall, and two green roofs that will also be installed, certainly act as an advertisement for the exciting research and teaching that will go on in the new building, visible to everyone in the surrounding area and city.”

Biotecture in West Sussex strike again. The design and manufacture of the wall, including pre-growing all 6,720 plants was all undertaken by this leading green wall firm.

The wall measures 41ft by 24ft (12.56m x 7.44m). Plants are growing in a hydroponic system.



The pruning and weeding still has to be done by hand using a platform and pulley similar to that used by window cleaners.

The new centre hopes to lead the way as one of the UK’s top facilities for advanced biological science and related disciplines.

Clustered around a central atrium will be teaching and research laboratories, seminar rooms, computer facilities, staff offices and a café.