Eden Now Green Wall Listing

Eden Now Green Wall Listing

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
75 William Street Perth Western Australia 6000 AU
+61 3 8802 1378+61 3 8802 1378

eden NOW has been importing industrial quality, galvanised steel vertical garden and Greenwall  systems  from Europe for over 12 years. We are good at what we do and we are proud of our 100%

Client satisfaction rating across Australia and New Zealand.

The high quality, galvanised steel kits are quick and easy to install and have one of the lowest maintenance requirements on the market. Greenwall systems can be easily demounted for relocation. Tower and Mobiwall units can be transported fully planted, making them ideal for streetscapes, festivals and interstate displays.

NO HYDROPONICS: These soil based, DIY kits DO NOT involve the complexities of hydroponics or require weeks of ‘plant training’ prior to installation – plants grow in their natural plane and a fully planted up system can be achieved in a few hours.

Some of the main benefits of the steel Garsy® system include:

 No excavation or disturbance of underground services

 All products are DIY kits- installation available if required

 Performs reliably for many years – unique’ open’ planting system

 Largest root space of any product on the market in Australia

 ‘Dig in’ pleasure for residential food producers

 Conserves water

 Greenwall can be fully customisable to fit around doors and windows

 Corten steel and powder coating options for décor integration

 Ideal for wheelchair access

 Only 275mm footprint for single sided Greenwall

 Greenwall provides thermal and acoustic benefits

 Flexible Mobiwall creates intimate zones – perfect for screening/ dining nooks


KEY TO SUCCESS: Proven in over 22 countries, even in the rigorous climate of Dubai, the secret to

success of this durable vertical garden system lies in the huge root space and low maintenance it affords, making it Club Med for plants and hassle free for councils, Aged Care facilities, shopping centres, restaurants, schools, child care centres and plant nurseries, as well as the residential sector.

Suitable for an almost limitless range of plants (no trees, sorry) designers can work with a huge species palette without being restricted to epiphytes or aerophytes as is often the case with other systems. The system is perfect for abundant food production.

Regardless of how good any vertical garden or Greenwall system is, high standards of customer service are paramount. From the team in Belgium to the desk here in Melbourne, our joint venture assures that every client, regardless of order size, receives the best personal attention that we can provide.



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