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Hanging Gardens

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Hanging Gardens was started in 2012 in NZ as there were no affordable products for the average gardener. We designed our products to meet the following criteria:-

  • long lasting, durable, modular and light weight
  • affordable for the average home gardener (i.e. competitive with hanging baskets)
  • They HAD to work for the plants – most important!!!

Our design was inspired by Patrick Blanc (the French Botanist and modern day ambassador of green walls) and is the only product in the world that has removable felt pockets. So you plant your plant into the felt pocket and then pop it into the hanging garden. The pockets have a waterproofing membrane which ensures the moisture of the soil is retained. We have run numerous trial on different soils, plants, products etc and we know our product works for the plants and provide sustainable green walls. The outer material is an Australian product and comes with a 15 year guarantee in full sunlight! Our product designs are registered with the Intellectual Property Offices of New Zealand and Australia.

We have a DIY range of three products:-

  • 3 pocket Horizontal (90cm by 40cm)
  • 3 pocket Vertical  (106 by 30cm)
  • 6 pocket Double sided Saddle Garden (90cm wide by +- 40 cm on each side)
  • The Horizontal and Vertical  DIY Range has brass eyelets for attachment to walls and fences, the Saddles fit over balcony railings so there are 3 pockets on each side.

For Commercial installations we have a number of options. We can:-

  • attach the gardens to a pre-made wooden frame which gets secured to the wall
  • the gardens get attached to aluminium rods which get suspended on stainless steel wires (marine grade) or chains and dropped over the wall, eliminating the need for any structural alterations to buildings
  • We have a number of other solutions using structural rigging solutions
  • We prefer to collect the rainwater off the roof and store this in a tank for drip fed  irrigation on timers, but if this is not possible we connect to water mains
  • We can wrap our gardens around corners, trees or other odd structures, for example, water tanks
  • They can be used on retaining walls

For Indoor we have a number of solutions for ensuring waterproof backing, drip trays, irrigation, adequate light,  etc…. depending on requirement of the site.

We have stress tested our product in many ways and the plants under drought conditions and we know that on a North Facing wall in the extreme heat of a summer without a drop of water, NZ native  plants will survive for at least 2 weeks before showing signs of stress and depending on the species, could last a lot longer! 40 species of NZ plants were tested over a year and the majority performed better in the Hanging Garden than in my normal garden (This trial was written up for a university study)

We have the ability to increase the moisture retaining membrane for situations where there are higher temperatures, wind factors, water restrictions, etc….

Our pocket size is 22cm high by 29cm wide and this is ideal for plants up to PB5 in size and perfect for most container type plants over the long term.

With our product, the home gardener does not need to have irrigation, as you treat our gardens as you would any other part of the garden and simply use a hose or watering can.

If water supply is critical we have way to ensure not a drop of water is wasted!

We have installed the largest outdoor vertical garden in NZ and it is performing fantastically.

We are participating in the worldwide biophilic city program headed up by Professor Tim Beatley head of sustainability at the University of Virginia.


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Hanging Gardens for best plant growth

We have run numerous trials with Hanging Gardens using exotic, native and edible plants and they result in healthy plant growth which covers the bags in no time! The removable felt pocket is a brilliant idea as it allows you to swap the plants around and keep your garden looking fresh throughout the seasons. It is the only product in the world that has removable felt pockets and this makes planting and maintenance so much easier for the home gardener!

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