Engineers compete to build Vertical Gardens

Engineers compete to build Vertical Gardens

vertical farming design challenge

Engineers are now being challenged to design vertical gardens for farming.

There are currently 15 engineers from around the world, including Australia, busy building their own vertical garden farming solution. Each engineer is competing for the next best vertical garden farming design that can solve food shortage issues, worldwide.

The competition has been devised by element14 – a high-service electronic components, engineering products and solutions distributor.   The ‘Vertical Farming Design Challenge’ will see the creation of 15 indoor vertical garden solutions that will be judged on the 17th November 2015.

A kit of loT enabled technologies will be supplied to the finalists.


For those not aware IoT stands for the Internet of Things (IoT).

loT is known as the third wave of the information technology revolution following the computers and Internet. It is believed that IoT industry will drive the next economic growth. IoT technologies, such as radio-frequency identification (RFID), wireless sensing, and nanotechnology, enable the Internet to be expanded to real objects, therefore connecting of the physical world with the Internet’s cyber world.

Back to the competition IoT kits.

Each kit will contain products that guide the engineers through ‘growing and harvesting process, providing recommendations on moisture, lighting, humidity and the optimal time in which to transfer and harvest the crops’.


Automated Farm
Ognyan Chikov

Aquaponic Salad Garden
Calla Klafas

Vertical Hyperponic Farm
James O’Donnell

Vertically Oriented Modular System
Rick Reynolds

Ferris Farm
Shane Sissons

Project EDEN
Keith Earns

The Plant
Erik Lau

Cylindrical Farm
Kowshik Patel

Hydroponics Using Water Bottles & Control
Clem Martins

Solar Farm
Joshua Tsai

Ambient Growth
John Henderson

Modular Farm
José Marques

Adapted Greenhouse
Michael Ratcliffe

New Delhi Vertical Farm
Ajit Singh

IoT Plant, Soil & Water Management System

Srinivasan Kanni Udaiyarh