Fake Vertical Gardens. They may be better than the real thing!

Fake Vertical Gardens. They may be better than the real thing!

artificial vertical garden

Fake vertical gardens! Why not? It is hard growing plants indoors without natural light. Plus watering can sometimes be a chore.

Artificial vertical gardens are a great solution to the maintenance issues and design problems that many vertical gardens create. GardenBeet.com stocks a range of fake vertical garden alternatives ranging from affordable to deluxe hand finished and also offers

If you don’t mind a bit of a plastic glimmer fake plants are not bad compromises for those with brown thumbs.

David Eden is the Manager at Designer Plants in Melbourne Australia. After working in the live plant industry he now believes that natural plants do not live up to what the public expect. He claims that his fake designer plants offer quality, ease, predictability and control. Plus no weeds.

Eden has a point! Vertical Garden Online loves plants. Nevertheless we are very aware that some urban conditions make growing a garden on a wall impossible.

Creating a lush evergreen vertical garden to screen an ugly 10 storey factory requires water, adequate light and maintenance access.

The long term implications of a vertical garden must be considered.  Soil based systems can require large amounts of water. Also many vertical garden systems offer plants a very limited life span. Replacing plants every year or two can result in an expensive screening solution (or a rather patchy ugly green wall).

David Eden, Designer Plants  PH: 1800 617 341) is focusing on manufacturing artificial hedges and artificial plants for fences. Eden explains that they are the first Australian artificial plant supplier to focus solely on vertical garden market.

He has developed a range of hedge panels that are stapled, tied or adhered to an existing wall or fence. He has nine plant types including photinia, grass, ivy, laurel and cypress. David’s team can also build a freestanding wall or use a range of Boxwood hedge planters – a great indoor solution.

The hedge panels are promoted for use on:

  • Brick or stone walls
  • Dividers or partitions
  • Unattractive sights like air conditioners and vents
  • Any other flat surface–horizontal or vertical

His products have undergone a series of UV testing and can be reviewed on his website. For further details on UV stabilisation please refer to our article Artificial Vertical Gardens Growing Demand.