Ferns not performing as well as succulents

Ferns not performing as well as succulents

source image EthosEatDrink.com

Over at Ethos blog we asked about the performance of the plants in Daniel Green’s Living Walls (Tasmania, Outlook Concepts).

The walls are made from a welded steel cages that are filled with a soil mixture. The plants are located towards the front. Each cage is hung from a wall mounted bracket. Irrigation runs along the centre of each cage and is operated via a timer.

 Felicity Waters:  We would be very interested to know how this garden is looking – any problems with particular plants ? Have some species done better than others? How is the irrigation going?

Hi Felicity
We have found in our space that the succulents really thrived, but ferns particularly were’t great, irrespective of the irrigation.
Now that we have replanted with more hardy plants we get a much better result and only need to water half the amount. That said, as we have out vegetable planters underneath, we optimise the run off from the drip system so its less wasteful. Hope that is helpful