Flower Walls : New Trend 2015

Flower Walls : New Trend 2015

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Flowers are returning to hold people’s attention. The green of the vertical gardens that has featured throughout the last 7 years is starting to change. Walls of flowers are the the next vertical garden trend.

It is likely that vertical gardens will start to draw inspiration from pieces such as the Hermes Flower entrance shown above and the colours of the Jimmy Choo panel. Both pieces are by designer Rebecca Lousie Law. An installation artist who uses live flowers for her work. Of course its not possible to create a REAL vertical garden with such colour drama 24/7 but there are plants that can certainly do a good job – roses, bougainvilleas, hydrangeas, pansies etc.


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Fashion magazines predict the flowering wall will be popular for weddings and events in 2015. VerticalGardenOnline has not seen too many living vertical gardens that features flowers but the artificial market has been quick.

Bravodarling is one of the first companies to promote artificial flower walls in Melbourne Australia. Bravodarling is an entertainment company that is now hiring out these beautiful backdrops for events.

The rental prices are around $180 per square meter. The picture above shows a wall approximately 2 meters wide by about 3 meters high so we can assume $1080 for the wedding day.


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