A Stylist’s Wall Planter. Glowpear

A Stylist’s Wall Planter. Glowpear

glo pear wall garden

Vertical garden systems are usually designed to be invisible. Many vertical garden planters are black. A black backdrop allows the colours of the plants to punch forward, whilst the black planter recedes.

There is a problem with this design approach. Many soil based vertical garden systems do not offer enough growing room for a plant to properly conceal the vertical garden system behind. As a result people are often left looking at 50% black plastic and 50% plants.

The four designers at Glowpear have addressed this issue by designing an elegant vertical garden product that looks good even without plants.

The Glowpear designers understand that creating a full and lush vertical garden is sometimes very difficult. The designers acknowledge that some of the planter will be visible and therefore will need a finished appearance.

The product is not on the market yet but should be towards the end of 2015. Keep watch of our updates on the website.




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