Hydroponics. Nimbus vs Aerogarden, Tower Garden, Window Farms, Click n Grow

Hydroponics. Nimbus vs Aerogarden, Tower Garden, Window Farms, Click n Grow

cloud farms
Cloud Farms is Bradley Ferrada. He is the Founder/CEO/Designer. Ferrada is all about increasing access to vegetable growing via good design. He has developed a very streamline hydroponic system called Nimbus.


cloud farms nimbusNimbus is an integrated growing system. The Pump and reservoir are in a single unit, two outputs, and only 3.5 watts.

Nimbus draws in water from the bottom of the tank and uses air to send that water up the feed lines. When the pots fill up to a certain level, water drains back down into the tank, so when your plants drink the water, it is reduced in the tank instead of the pot.

The air pump not only moves the water, but also pumps fresh air to the roots of the plants!

Nimbus has two outputs, and therefore can supply water and nutrients to two growing vessels. Cloud Farms produce a little pot called Droplet, and every Nimbus system comes with two Droplets.
droplet by cloud farms
VerticalGardenOnline was fortunate to get Bradley’s opinion on the other main hydroponic products in the USA market.
Aerogarden by Miraclegro – This is a countertop type of hydroponic product. It has artificial lighting included with it which our product does not. We use natural light with our greenhouse so we use less power. Their product is all plastic where we use really quality materials like metal and glass and porcelain. They also rely on using sensors and a control panel to operate their product where ours is a totally analog user experience – In our Nimbus system you can see the water level in the reservoir and see the water flowing in the lines.
They put seeds into pre-packaged cups where we offer blocks of growing medium that you can put any kind of seed into. They offer a lot of different sizes of systems so you’d really have to pick through their offering to compare how much you can grow and the cost of each product.
Windowfarms – This is a tiered hydroponic system that mounts on the inside of your window frame – almost like where you would mount shades in a window. One of their tiered systems has 4 hanging containers, and one of our Nimbus systems has 2 vessels for growing. They do use natural light from a window like we do, but because they are inside of the window and our greenhouse goes outside, we get a lot more light and therefore larger plants in a shorter amount of time. Their product is primarily plastic – again, ours is metal, glass, porcelain. Their system is analog like ours is, but you can’t see the water level of their reservoir because it is opaque. They also use an airpump system but their pump is not integrated into the product – it basically is an aquarium air pump that sits on your floor with little airlines that run up and into the system reservoir. Ours is completely integrated into the Nimbus tower.
Click n Grow – This is a lot like aerogarden but smaller – mostly for herbs – they really push the “smart” aspect of their product. They have an app where you can see information about your plants, but they don’t grow very much.
Towergarden – This is a really large setup. Basically for outdoor use but in theory you could go and buy lighting for it and install it indoors. It is not for beginners. Where we are really easy and plug and play, this thing requires some know-how and upkeep. These are sometimes used in quantity for rooftop farms or other larger scale hydroponic farms.