Maintenance contracts. The future of green wall business.

Maintenance contracts. The future of green wall business.

green wall maintenanace


If you are in the business of building vertical gardens you really should try and win the maintenance contract as well as the design.


Three fold.

First, an opportunity to create income.  Secondly, an opportunity to observe the plants you specified and extend your expertise. Finally, a great marketing opportunity (the design can be maintained to your standards and provide a great show piece for future clients).

Winning a large project is a victory for green wall companies. Being awarded the maintenance contract for a customer that is prepared to pay is even better.

At the moment most businesses in the world of green walls and vertical gardens are learning about plants. No one has a comprehensive understanding of how each species will perform in every environment.

Plant research is expensive and there are very few funds thrown at the horticultural industry, especially in Australia.

Horticulturalists and ecologists tend to understand plant performance a lot better than a garden designer or landscape architect. Nevertheless given green walls are breaking into new territory many of the horticulturalists engaged by the green wall industries are taking ‘guesstimates’ as well.

Nevertheless there are some experts in the field.  Fytogreen is one of the large green wall construction players in Australia. Fytogreen is certainly pushing its horticultural expertise as one of its unique offerings. Fytogreen is becoming an expert in growing plants at altitude in various Australian micro-climates.



Fytogreen’s horticulturalist, Erik van Zuilekom, certainly presents well . He gave a brilliant break down of the plant selection process he undertakes at Melbourne City Council’s Canopy Melbourne Green Roof Forum. The forum was held last night at Medibank’s new architecturally designed building in Melbourne’s Docklands.

His plant selection technique was illustrated with great passion and detail. For further details of his selection process click here.

During the presentation emphasis was placed on the design team’s pursuit of  green wall techniques that had not been used elsewhere in the world (click here for further details).

Each and every project that is built provides opportunity to observe and learn how different plants cope with vertical growing. It would be a shame to loose the opportunity to observe plant behaviour. Even greater shame to loose an opportunity to be paid to care and watch the design perform over time.

Vertical Garden Online would welcome anyone involved in vertical gardens to submit their observations of any plant species. We are very interested to learn what system you have used and maintenance regimes employed to keep your vertical garden design looking ship shape.

Even more compelling is the underfunded maintenance program that delivered exceptional results. Was there one plant that survived despite poor treatment. We also want to hear about those plants.

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