Minigarden by Quizcamp. Review.

Minigarden by Quizcamp. Review.

Great sturdy DIY product


A great sturdy vertical garden unit that can be installed outdoors and inside the home, office or even a retail space.

It can be freestanding when placed back to back (max height approx 1 meter). Any taller and the wall requires fixing to a sturdy vertical.

The marketing material is very seductive, particularly the images of herbs and small vegetables growing in the kitchen. Be aware the vertical garden shown would need to drain either outside or hook into the existing plumbing. It is possible to rely on the drainage tray supplied with the system however emptying the tray would prove complicated for walls in excess of 1 meter .

It is not possible to undertake ‘once off’ soil or plant replacement easily as each module is resting on the module below. Refurbishment of the system would need to planned rather than piecemeal.

The growing area for a plant’s rootball is limited nevertheless it is big enough for growing small vegetables such as lettuce and baby carrots.

Great for the DIY project and smaller commercial builds. The systems minimises water evaporation and the clever design enables drip irrigation system to be concealed.

Available in white, terracotta, green and black.

The product that has been selling in Europe since 2009. Minigarden has now entered the Australian Market and is available from Bunnings from time to time.


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