New Wall Garden. Multi Hang. Offers more soil.

New Wall Garden. Multi Hang. Offers more soil.

Big Wall Planter

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Wall Garden Australia has just released its new large wall pot: MULTI HANG. According to the designer and manufacturer Stephen Collis, it is the largest  wall container on the market*.

The pot has been designed to secure directly to a wooden fence. It can also easily mount onto various materials that the home handy person may have lying about (mesh, reo-bar, trellis). We like this dollar saving approach.

Vertical Garden Online has used this product and we find it extremely versatile and easy to use. It is simple and affordable.

‘We agree that the pot is generous in size and appears to offer a range of flexible attaching options.  Stephen Collis is offering the consumer greater choice. This product will hopefully broaden plant selection for those involved in vertical garden installation’.

There are four holding points to secure the planter to a mesh/wall/trellis.  There are two hooks and two holes per planter. The holes can be used with cable ties.  In most domestic situations when the planters are located away from pedestrians the hooks will most likely suffice.


* The problem  with many soil based vertical garden products is the lack of growing room for a plant’s root system. Small pots equal limited growing room for the root zone. A limited root zone often equals an unhappy plant. Plants can become root bound and dry out. Vertical gardens that use small pots often require greater maintenance and frequent plant replacements. The long term maintenance implications of a vertical garden product is important to consider  – especially when building a large vertical garden.


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