Petros Boskos. Verdical. Greece

Petros Boskos. Verdical. Greece



The sales of a vertical garden product has enabled Petros Boskos, an Architect, to withstand the economic decline of Greece.

Faced with the worst unemployment wave in living memory, Greece’s youth are turning away from the traditional pursuit of civil service or family-centered jobs, and towards innovation and foreign funding.

“If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere,” muses Petros Boskos, a 35-year-old architect.


Boskos developed the business with co-founders who have a finance and business background, Panos Papageorgiou and Efstathia Katsimpardi. 

The vertical garden business has been supported by their involvement in business incubators Egg and VentureGarden.

Venture Garden is a result of co-creation by two leading educational institutions, ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece in Athens and Anatolia School of Business of The American College of Thessaloniki in Thessaloniki, with the support of The Hellenic Initiative.

Efstathia Katsimpardi provides VerticalGardenOnline with a more detailed explanation

EGG is a corporate responsibility initiative designed and conducted by Eurobank in cooperation with Coralia that aims to boost young innovative entrepreneurship. It is an integrated incubation, acceleration and co working programme.
Both of them have helped a lot in terms of providing mentoring and business consultancy. On top of this EGG hosts us in fully equipped offices which has been of great help and provides training as well (seminars of several business sections).

Whilst unable to get employment in architecture Petros Boskos has been able to contribute to the building of the urban environment via vertical gardens. He has started on his dream of contributing to the greening of his home country in a meaningful way.

For those familiar with Athens it can be a very hot city. Perfect for vertical gardens? It would seem Boskos believes Athens is the right place to grow plants on walls.

Greece, despite the economical decline of the past years , offers some very interesting  urban environments and climates.

In Athens for example we meet very high temperatures during the summer on the built surfaces. So creating vertical gardens here it can be a challenge, but at the same time it can offer the most from such installations.

Vertical gardening is not so common in many countries, Greece is one of them. This could be over passed if their benefits -which could be also economical- would become widely spread.

 ….. The target is to make our cities greener, not just us, but all of us.

Verdical is soft fabric DIY vertical planter made from a waterproof canvas. It is manufactured in Greece and is similar in appearance to Woolly Pocket.

Our vision is to produce the means for vertical garden installation and widely provide them to people that make the installations.

Our way of making business is based on synergies and knowledge sharing. We believe that knowledge should be shared and cooperation to be promoted.

The Verdical website can be found at