PodPlants Aeroponic Indoor Vertical Gardens

PodPlants Aeroponic Indoor Vertical Gardens

podplants inside vertical gardens


We suspect the PodPlant may take indoor vertical garden products one step further.

To date its been difficult to achieve an indoor kitchen garden without involving plumbers.

There is no other living wall product that offers designers, indoor gardeners, interior designers and architects a similar freestanding system. It provides height and its a neat design.

The food and water is distributed to the plants using ‘advanced medical technology’. According to the designer of the system Chris Wilkins, it is possible to purchase plants from a normal nursery. Soil needs to be removed from the root system and there is a need to ensure the plants are placed into the wall at the right time. According to Wilkins he has designed the pods to ensure there is less maintenance than other non soil-based systems. For more details on how this system works please refer to our article on DIY Hydroponic Vertical Gardens

We do like that there are no energy guzzling noisy water pumps. Plus its nice and tall. Great for blocking views of your ugly workmates.

Fabulous for  reducing the sound of your loud business partner’s booming voice.

At a height of  1.2 or  2.4  meter high it really solves many problems other vertical garden products could not.  Did I mention it was freestanding?

At around $1500 per unit we suspect major apartment projects will soon be equipped with a wall of edibles in the kitchen very very soon.

The units can also be moved too – perfect for rental accommodation or houses where the light levels throughout the year change.

The system can be purchased with a maintenance contract.

We have not tested this product yet.

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What’s in the box?

  • PodPlants unit
  • 12 month supply of PodPlants nutrients
  • Foam plant plugs
  • 24-hr timer and power cord
  • pH tester
  • Nutrient tester

Heights 1200 or 2400mm

Width 1050 mm

Depth 280mm

Material: Recycled ABS
Weight (empty): 10kg
Water capacity: 50L
Colour: Black
Environment: Indoor only
Energy consumption: 8 watts
Water consumption: 25-1000mL/day
Power source: One powerpoint required