Be Wary of Product Images Used to Promote Vertical Gardening Products

Be Wary of Product Images Used to Promote Vertical Gardening Products

Vertical Garden Online has witnessed several manufacturers – primarily in China – using images produced by others to promote their own products.

Green Field Garden Supply (shown above) is using a cut out of the UK vertical garden supplier, Garden Beet (, interior living wall image to promote their own Green Field products.

Practises such as this do very little to validate the quality of the vertical garden product being promoted. As with all products, be wary of using online wholesaleing portals such as Alibaba. Whilst Alibaba may consider a supplier to be an GOLD supplier we certainly do not.

Any landscaper or retailer entertaining the idea of sourcing vertical gardening products needs to question the supplier about their product trials.

It is important to understand that whilst living wall planters may look simplistic the design is responding to many competing requirements of a plant. One change and a product’s viability is highly compromised. Living walls are not natural environments and plants become more complicated when you start growing them outside their natural habitat.

Vertical Garden Online has seen reputable UK ‘home and lifestyle’ retailers selling badly designed DIY vertical garden products. Many are cheap ‘dumb down’ copies of the quality vertical garden products on the market. Unfortunately the buyers for the ‘home stores’ do not seem to understand that many of their products cannot support a plant’s growing requirements even in the short term let alone the medium to long term.

Over time these ‘copy cat’ products will, hopefully, reduce in number as people become more aware of the consequences of installing cheap wall planters.