The Green Pockets by Blooming Walls

The Green Pockets by Blooming Walls

the green pocket


The Green Pockets by Blooming Wall is a novel, quick and easy way to quickly hang plants from the wall. Its a colourful decorative solution that creates a fabulous picture on any blank wall.

This product is designed to be part of the picture. Unlike other green wall designs the plant holder is designed to be seen. Its well made and looks rather smart on the wall.  The thick canvas material comes in 13 colours and can be hooked together to create a giant living wall feature. If you only need to add a feature to a small wall the 450 x 550 mm modules are handy solutions and are only 26 Euros.

The plants sit in a plastic pocket so plants that require drainage are not suitable. Watering needs to be done with care.

The eyelets that hold the pockets to the walls are large and sturdy.  Strong enough to hold the weight of a plant in a 14-20cm pot.

Vertical Garden Online has used the Green Pockets both indoors and outside. We noticed after a couple of weeks outside there was slight discoloration on the pocket  – it was in full Australian sun. The product is made in Ireland and we suspect it would tolerate an Irish summer.

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