USA Makes DIY Vertical Gardening Affordable

USA Makes DIY Vertical Gardening Affordable

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A new low cost DIY Vertical Gardening product has just launched into the USA marketplace: VerticalGardenUSA.

Vertical Gardening can be an expensive hobby for many in the American Do It Yourself gardening fraternity.

The designer of the new USA system is predicting that vertical gardening will become more mainstream in the USA as the price point for a reliable Do It Yourself vertical garden system drop.

This new product makes it possible to create a vertical garden 1 meter in height and just over half a meter wide for $99 US. Not bad pricing. Be aware the final price will also need to include soil, plants, fixing materials (two timber battons and screws/nails) .

Woolly Pocket’s Living Wall Planter is similar in price however we like the more compact appearance of VerticalGardenUSA.

The system looks great, is robust and provides adequate growing room to grow crops of baby carrots, strawberries, herbs, succulents, ornamental flowers and a whole host of small to medium-sized plants.

Vertical Garden Online is a fan of any soil based wall planter that gives the roots of a plant growing room. VerticalGardenUSA gets a big tick for this design feature. The system has also been designed to enable installation of a drip irrigation system.

Grab a friend when you go to install your living wall.  It can be a bit fiddly for one person:  but nothing too complicated.

Vertical Garden Online has trialled VerticalGardenUSA and gives the system 4 stars out of 5. Please refer to the following Vertical Garden Review for more details (the product is referred to as Wall Garden in Australia)

USA customers can order the system online . The manufacturer has a clever wholesale ordering system on the website making it super easy for landscapers and retail outlets to order  and supply to customers.

To see more of this system and choose from the extensive range of plant suggestions visit