Vertical Garden Drip Irrigation System

Vertical Garden Drip Irrigation System

Vertical garden drip irrigation systems can be purchased at most hardware stores around Australia. Before you head off to buy your watering system for your vertical garden read up on what creates a good drip irrigation system.

1. All dripper systems work on the same principal. A larger tube – or main tube – is required to move the water from the tap to the final location of the vertical garden. The main tube then diverts into thinner tubing (or line). The thinner tube/line runs along the tops of the vertical garden pockets or pots and delivers the water to each plant .

2. You need adequate water pressure if the water is expected to reach high places. With every meter in height you climb there is a significant loss in water pressure.

3. Before installation there is a need to undertake a check of the water pressure. This can be undertaken with a water pressure meter. Pumps and regulators can be used to increase and decrease water flow.

4. Be aware if there is to much pressure the water will burst the drip lines.

5. Like all plumbing fixtures and valves water pressure regulators will go bad at some point. Its important to regularly test your irrigation equipment.

6. It is also useful to use a water filter.  Filters can help extend the life of, and lower the maintenance on, your  system. It can prevent emitters from becoming plugged. Even if small sand particles can pass through your system without clogging it, they cause wear on the equipment. .

7. Many irrigation specialists prefer to use pressure compensation line. This type of line helps to control the pressure drop across the irrigation system.

Pressure drop is the energy used (or wasted) to push fluid through a restriction, and the higher the pressure drop, the higher the flow. If upstream pressure is 3000 psi and downstream pressure is 500 psi, this example will flow more than if downstream pressure is 2900 psi at the second orifice. If you have 10 gpm going into one of two identical fixed orifices plumbed in parallel, the one with lower downstream pressure will be the one that flows more.

The Pressure Compensated Drip-Eze is one product to look out for.  With a 2 L/Hour dripper inserted inside the tube at 300mm (1 Foot) intervals, the PC Drip-Eze will give exactly 2 L/Hour of water regardless of the inlet pressure and height slope of the ground.

If you are in Queensland and its all too time consuming and/or confusing you can contact Ipswich Irrigation.

Clayton Williiams, the owner , says he would be happy to help anyone. He encourages people to buy a few more meters of tubing and connectors than you need ” its always handy”.

If you would like irrigation assistance and you are in Queensland please contact Clayton from Ipswich Irrigation on 0431 766 979