Best Vertical Garden Kit 2015

Best Vertical Garden Kit 2015

best 2015 vertical garden kit



Are you struggling to work out which vertical garden kit is right for you? We have tested and grown plants in all types of vertical garden solutions for the last 7 years. We are a team of Landscape Architects and Designers. We have been growing plants for over 40 years.

Allow us to untangle all the issues. Simply find the category you belong to and buy. If you want to understand our selection criteria in greater detail simply click through the link for our detailed product reviews.

Vertical Garden Online offers the best vertical garden kit reviews available in the world.

If we have not got your specific situation outlined please email us on and we will find a solution!

1. Best 2015 Affordable Outdoor Vertical Garden Kit.

Wall garden BUY NOW


2. Best 2015 Indoor Vertical Garden Kit


3. Best 2015 Flexible Outdoor Vertical Garden Kit (wrapping around corners)

Wally Pockets by Woolly Pockets

4. Best 2015 Rigid Outdoor Vertical Garden Kit (attaching to existing walls)

VersiWall by Elmich

5. Best 2015 Freestanding Outdoor Vertical Garden Kit

GroWall by Atlantis

6. Best One Season. 2015 Cheap Cheerful Outdoor Vertical Garden Kit.

Verti Plant by Burgon and Ball