Replace Ugly Graffiti with Vertical Gardens. Victoria Councils get Funded.

Replace Ugly Graffiti with Vertical Gardens. Victoria Councils get Funded.


grafiitti can be overcome with a vertical garden


There is a bundle of Victorian State Government funding available to reduce graffiti amongst urban and rural communities. One of the solutions available to Councils is the installation of vertical gardens! Perfect for communities who lack private open space.

Finally an opportunity to get rid of really bad tagging forever. Lets stop removing the graffiti only to have the walls vandalised again some months later. Lets cover the walls with plants. Reduce the area available to the spray can.

This approach has worked in the UK and USA – lets use it in Victoria. The City of Darebin has certainly flagged it as a viable solution. Trent McCarthy advised that Darebin’s policy says Vertical Gardens are a solution. What is happening elsewhere?

To be eligible, councils must partner with community stakeholders which may include community, resident and sporting groups, schools, local police and small businesses and their associations. Funding is available for each Council ($5,000 to $25,000 per project. Funding towards the purchase and distribution of kits and vouchers capped at $10,000).

Vertical Garden Online is available to advise Councils. A fully qualified landscape architect can assist with product selection. We can advise on maintenance requirements. We are also happy to take expression of interest from installers, plant suppliers and community groups on behalf of the Councils.

The government is taking applications for funding until 5.00pm on Friday 20 June 2014. Please refer to

WHAT CAN I DO? Get on that phone, email twitter, Facebook and let your Council know you want to hear what they are proposing. Ask your Council for a vertical garden solution. If you want us to assist you please fill out the form below.

PLEASE SHARE. Lets make it happen. There are members in the community who would relish an opportunity to care and manage a vertical garden.


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