Vertiplant by Burgon and Ball. Review.

Vertiplant by Burgon and Ball. Review.

This product does the job for one season only.

It is certainly not a long term vertical gardening solution. Above are images of the product taken in May 2013 and below is the same wall planter in June 2015. The wall planter began degrading in 2014.  The photographs below show two years of weathering. The fabric has developed substantial holes and the stitching has given way.



The pockets are also too small and they are just hopeless at retaining water. The eyelets do not match up so forget about overlapping each unit to create a large green wall design.

What we find alarming is Burgon and Ball’s product images are used extensively on to promote a rather popular 7 Pocket Hanging Vertical Garden Planter. We are not too sure if it is the Burgon and Ball Product that has been white labelled or its just an image used to promote a copy of the Burgon and Ball design. Whatever the case is we strongly question the viability of eBay Australia’s top vertical garden product.

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