Wall Garden by Wall Garden. Review

Wall Garden by Wall Garden. Review

Wall Garden is an effective, neat and tidy vertical garden solution for the home gardener. We like this product a lot. Perfect for the home gardener. Affordable too. Can be a bit fiddly when installing so we recommend a friend to assist! Vertical Garden Online has had its planters installed for over 2 years and they still  look great, strong and sturdy. Wall Garden is available in boxes of 10 trays. Each tray is 595mm wide x 200mm tall x 200mm deep.

Each box can cover 2 square meters of space. Whilst it is a  very affordable $90/m2  be aware that the cost does not include fixings, fixing battens nor irrigation. Material: Recycled Black Polypropylene.  Available from the Wall Garden website (made in Australia). VerticalGardenUSA are the USA manufacturers (made in USA).

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