Wall Hogger Images

Wall Hogger Images

wallgarden.co.uk is operated by The Kent Chilli & Herb Co. The wallgarden.co.uk website is used to promote two products: Wall Hogger; and Pot Hogger.

Above is just a sample of a few images The Kent Chilli & Herb Co used to promote its new vertical garden solution.

Vertical Garden Online has not trialled or seen the Wall Hogger.

Meanwhile if anyone feels the need to win a ‘vertical garden’ GoodHomes and Kesley Magazines LTD have teamed up with wallgarden.co.uk. This promotion was launched yesterday in the UK (10/7/14) and is being promoted rather widely on UK hotdeal websites.

See competition form below.


  • The Kent Chilli & Herb Co.
  • Units 1-2
  • 24 Jesmond Street
  • Folkestone
  • Kent
  • CT19 5QW
  • United Kingdom


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