Water Grip. Conserving Water by Designing a Growing Media for Vertical and...

Water Grip. Conserving Water by Designing a Growing Media for Vertical and Roof Gardens .

growth media designed by watergrip

Water Grip a US growing media company has recently patent a Horticultural Growth Medium that aims to grow more vigorous robust plants with fewer resources. The medium is claimed to hold more water whilst allowing the roots to access the air and nutrients they need.

The designers believe that rooftop applications will require no external irrigation plus stormwater runoff is both reduced and delayed.

The two inventors Allan M. Huber­man and Bill Wat­son have developed a medium  made up of composted bark, a carbon-based fibrous material, a hydrophilic polymer, sea solid, and beneficial bacteria/fungicide. The materials are formed into a solid substrate having structural stability, with both micro and macro interconnecting pores. The addition of a controlled release fertilizer provides for a perfect combination of nutrients, water retention, and pest and fungus control.

According to the designers the media promotes rapid, optimal root penetration to quickly sta­bi­lize plants, help them grow faster, and ensure long term plant health with a min­i­mum of care. A high cation exchange ratio enables supe­rior nutri­ent hold­ing and avail­abil­ity. Ready access to water, air, and nutri­ents enables plants to grow faster with less stress to improve cov­er­age. Healthy plants mean less main­te­nance, greater resis­tance to dis­ease and beau­ti­ful results.


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The Patent is US 8,756,862, dated June 24 2014.
Download Patent at Horticultural Growth Medium.

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