World’s Smallest Vertical Garden by Everett Carney. Alive and Modern

World’s Smallest Vertical Garden by Everett Carney. Alive and Modern


smallest vertical garden

‘You should come into my office, I have the biggest smallest vertical garden in the city’.

The latest vertical garden product off the shelf is perfect for the modest business owner and his/her workers.

A desk top version of the grand vertical gardens that adorn the star ship eco-builds of some of the worlds airports, universities, corporate headquarters and swish hotels .

As Everett from ‘Alive and Modern’ states on his website

‘The Standard living wall is a design inspired by the massive vertical gardens popping up in major cities around the world. Living walls are designed to bring life to any area by using the (frequently overlooked) vertical space of a room. Our Standard living wall features a small footprint and specially-designed structure to facilitate the growth of tropical plants. Orchids, bromeliads, air plants, and other miniature tropical plants will thrive on the special background material designed to increase humidity and bring water directly to the roots of the plants’

At a height of 19.56cm and a width of 25.4 cm and 7.62cm depth its the perfect Office Chris Kringle gift. We just need to work on the price. Carney is currently seeking funding for the project via Kickstarter. The product is currently $135 – not cheap. is sure with product refinement he will get this idea on the desks of all those working in the big boy buildings for Nov/Dec 2015.