Vertical Garden Co NZ

Vertical Garden Co NZ

166 Avenue Road East, Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand
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We are passionate about what we do, and have been in the horticulture industry for 35 years providing high-end exterior and interior live plant hire.

We also have the largest palm and sub-tropical nursery in NZ, located within a short drive of Auckland city at 166 Avenue Road East Otahuhu.

We can supply all plants needed instead of buying from nurseries so you get quality plants direct. We already install commercial living walls for bars and restaurants etc

We stand by our product! Woolly Pocket has proved to the gardening public that the system works (over 4 years of successes) The growth from the pockets is amazing as the product breathes, enabling air to consistently aerate the soil
The plants are grown in soil not a growing medium which decays over time

More than 30 Auckland restaurants and bars are growing lush vertical gardens indoors and out and experiencing the magical fun of plants.  We  install planted walls of all sizes, set them up with irrigation, and can provide individual and multiple Woolly Pockets by mail order.

The living walls provide an instant lush oasis for public places, commercial businesses, bars, restaurants, cafes and courtyard walls. The uses of Woolly Pockets and plant possibilities are endless. Woolly pockets are used to grow herbs and edibles, perfect for small vertical walls around small spaces. Perfect for the DIY gardener looking for new dimensions.  Woolly Pockets, which come in single Wally One to Wally Five units, made their public debut at Auckland’s recent NZ Garden Expo.