Freestanding vertical gardens. What is available?

Freestanding vertical gardens. What is available?

Freestanding vertical gardens are ideal for those who rent a house or office.

Whilst it’s usually OK to add a  few fixings to rented properties often its just easier to stay clear of hammering your landlord’s freshly painted kitchen wall.

A freestanding vertical garden is also rather handy if you wish to change your  floor plan at a later date or have an unusual space divider in the home, office or outdoor entertaining areas. For those who need a freestanding vertical garden solution take a look at some of these products below.

1. Flora Felt

Flora Felt have two free-standing designs. The Free Standing and the Plant Tower as shown below. THE FREE STANDING

flora felt freestanding flora felt free standing wall


The free-standing design comes in stainless steel and powder coated white. It includes water tank, pump, 240v timer, root wrappers, welded stainless steel tank and frame. The system automatically waters itself daily.   FLORAFELT RECIRC –  36 planters  Height 2110mm, Width 830mm and Depth 250mm 43 litre water tank Single Sided without plants. $1850 (AUD) Single Sided with plants  $3070 (AUD)   FLORAFELT RECIRC – 72 planters Height 2110mm, Width 830mm and Depth 505mm 68 litre water tank Double sided with plants $2650 (AUD) Double sided without plants $4250 (AUD)





The plant tower grows 32 plants in a corner. Self watering system includes stainless steel tank, pump and timer. Fully assembled.  Includes 32 Root-Wraps. 16″ W X 16″ D X 63″ H 36lbs (about 200lbs planted). Florafelt use 100% recycled PET plastic felt. The system also involves wrapping each plant in a ‘root wrapper’. The wrapper allows the root system to breath and allows easy rearrangement of individual plants within each pocket. The Florafelt range can be purchased in Australia online through Fyto Green ( Please refer to our Flora Felt. Review for further details on this product.

2. Garden Up. Whites Outdoor.

freestanding vertical garden

Garden Up from Whites Outdoor. It’s not really vertical and it’s not very tall. Also be aware it needs about a meter of ground space. Given all the drawbacks of this design we can’t help thinking would it not be cheaper and easier to simply plant a pot with a medium-sized shrub? If used on mass this product could create a fabulous effect. Please refer to our Review of Garden Up for further details on this product.   Available from Bunnings in Australia for $115.00 (AUD). Sorry folks you actually have to go into Bunnings to buy this product.


3. Sage Walls

sage wall freestanding vertical garden


Sage Wall promoted as

  • Movable, portable, and expandable: connect several units to create a wider garden
  • No attachment to a building wall or floor, pavement anchors recommended for outdoor use
  • No direct, in-line connections to plumbing and electrical systems
  • Self-contained, water-tight, vertical gardens that reduce installation time and labor
  • Water- and energy-conserving system runs just a few minutes per day
  • Single- or double-sided, with endless possibilities for customization to match any decor
  • Long-lasting: will sustain plants for many years when properly installed and maintained

Please refer to our Review of Sage Wall for further details on this product

4. Schiavello Vertical Garden by Joost


Please refer to our Review of Schiavello Vertical Garden by Joost for further details on this product

5. Gro-Wall by Atlantis

growall-side gro-wall-trellis-thatch









Grow-Wall is a rather handy solution for those trying to conceal an ugly or boring fence. It comes in two models, Professional and Gro Wall Kits. The image above shows this product being used to screen teatree fence. It can also be used as a free standing wall however the professional system would need to be installed. The professional system has the ability to conceal steel or timber posts that can be concreted into the ground.

The photo above shows the weight of the system being distributed to the ground. The wall is tied to the tea tree fence to ensure it does not move forward. Take note of the ground materials. It is a hard even surface. It is critical that the ground is suitably compact to carry the weight of the wall, its soil and plants. Each plant holder can take 50kg loading.

If  ground preparation is not taken seriously the wall can sag over time and even worse could tare away from any supporting structure. 1230mm high x 220mm depth x 680mm  plus 18 planter pots and geotextile – $220 Gro-Wall Kit Similar size plus 20 planter pots and geotextile  – $270 Professional

For our detailed review of GroWall please visit Gro Wall Review

6. Ikea Plant Stands (a design hack)

freestanding wall garden












Thanks to Ikea it is possible to create a rather cheap and cheerful free standing vertical garden. This solution will not last forever and the plants will require a bit of love and attention.  This is not a vertical garden that will withstand neglect. IKEA PS 2012 plant stand is the core ingrediant. It is tall light and made with a minimal amount or material. Easy to move and rather fun as a green room divider.

$39.99(AUD) each at Ikea Stores


If you know of any other freestanding vertical garden wall product please let us know